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Article Description
crank pair Shimano or Campagnolo
available in the lengths [mm]: 165; 167.5; 170; 172.5; 175; 177.5; 180 and 182.5
multi-length crank Shimano - variable lengths from 150mm to 190mm
online data cable (serial) for online operation
adapter cable serial (RS232) to USB adapter
torque cable (parallel) for evaluating the torque analysis
download cable for downloading Powercontrol data
sensor cable front speed sensor
long sensor cable extra long for rear mounting
MTB sensor cable for front or rear speed sensor
heart rate chest strap Polar coded or Suunto uncoded
handlebar clip normal (26mm), oversize or oversize aluminium (32mm)
chainring 39 / 130BCD
chainring 53 / 130BCD
battery charger 110/230 V with different adapters
spare chainring screws 1 set for mounting the chainrings
spare crank screws 3 Torx screws for mounting the crank on the Powermeter
spare inner bearing screws 2 screws for mounting the inner bearing
crank screw integrated for Shimano cranks


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